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At CP Energy, we take pride in our equipment being top-of-the-line and the most technologically advanced on the market. All of our products meet API standards.

CP Well Testing offers services in Oklahoma, West Texas, South Texas, North Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia while Arctic Energy Services provides solutions in Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and North Dakota.

Our equipment line includes:

  • Sand Commanders

  • Flow Iron/Valves (2” & 3”)

  • Chokes/Manifolds (2” & 3”)

  • Sand Separators (3K – 15K)

  • Cyclonic Sand Separators (5.8K & 10K)

  • Plug Catchers (Hydraulic & Double Barrel)

  • Flow Tanks w/ Gas Busters

  • Test Separators (500 – 1,440 PSI)

  • Half Pits

  • Flow Crosses (7 1/16″ 5K – 7 1/16″ 10K)

  • Flare Stacks

  • Incinerators & Combustors

  • Torque, Test, & Grease Packages

  • Green Complete Tanks

  • TGRR

  • Frac Stacks

  • HHP – Kill Tractors, 600 hp, 1,000 hp, 1,850 hp, and 2,500 hp


Premium Thread Work String

  • Robust thread profile gives higher torsional strength allowing greater performance on frac plug drill outs and wellbore cleanouts.

  • 4.5 turns for makeup

  • Engineered for 4 ½ casing applications

  • Metal to metal seal

  • Tested to 22,500 psi at 40deg/100ft bend radius

  • Extended length upsets allow multiple recuts

CP Energy is the exclusive provider and marketer of T-Rex265, a 2 7/8″ hybrid work string currently servicing the Permian Basin and surrounding areas. Our service line management team has more than 75 years of combined rental tool expertise.​


Sand Commander


Specialty Pumping


Patented, true 4-phase separator used during drill out the process that separates all hazardous material, captures 99% of gas, recycles water for reuse on location, and extracts 95% of the sand.

Benefits of Using the Patented Sand Commander:

  • Ecologically friendly— reduces environmental impact

  • Only solution that recycles and transfers clean, reusable water on location

  • Platform for gas wheeling 

  • Uses a smaller vertical gas separator 

  • Accurate, continuous coefficient readings

  • Hydraulically driven 

  • Integrated oil skimming system

  • Reduces number of vendors on location

Enhanced Well Completion (Drill Out) Economics:

  • Self-Cleaning, eliminates clean-out costs & no hydro-vac required

  • Dries the sand, reducing disposal fees

  • Fast rig up & rig down times

  • Package pricing when paired with flowback services

The Patented Sand Commander System Includes:

  • Main separation tank with auger or shaker

  • Vertical circulation separator

  • Environmental scrubber pot

  • Flare System – up to 300 feet of flare line

    • ​Couple with TGRR to eliminate flaring & wheel gas to sales pipeline

  • Diesel power pack with hydraulically driven system

  • Transfer pumps and hoses with manifold


The Second Generation Shaker Features:

  • Pivoting shaker basket

  • Larger screens for extended life

  • Cone-shaped hoppers for no buildup

  • 110 Barrel transfer tank

  • Easy and accurate rate checks

  • High-Low level, auto murphy switches set to manual or auto

Our advanced pumping equipment, with data acquisition and skilled crews, offer premier support for completion and production phases, including coil tubing, toe preps, pump downs, wireline, HCl acid, and specialty chemicals.

  • Kill Tractor, 600, 1,000, 1,850 hp, & 2,500 hp Pumps

  • Triplex & Quintaplex Pumps

  • 2” and 3” 1502 Iron Packages


Total Gas Resource Recovery


Rental Equipment

The TGRR process captures both reservoir and associated natural gas, which occurs during the completion and production applications. TGRR eliminates the practice of venting or flaring of this natural gas stream and allows for the wheeling of the natural gas stream to the sales line or other uses such as a battery storage system or powering electric systems on location.

How Our System Works

We utilize a patent process that captures the natural gas during the completion and production phases, and wheels it to other environmental compliant applications. These applications provide significant benefit to the environment and provides additional revenue to the oil and gas operators.

What We Do

Total Gas Resource Recovery (TGRR) is the premier gas wheeling solution. We offer our services primarily for the completion and production phase of unconventional oil and gas wells. TGRR eliminates flaring and venting of natural gas during these phases.

Resource Stewardship

Discover Our Solution and Services and How It Can Benefit You

Resource Recovery Solutions:

  • Sales Line

  • Battery Pack/Storage Infrastructure

  • Field Gas Generator for Powering Electric Components on Location or Micro Grids

  • Fuel Natural Gas-Powered Components on Location

  • Reinject Natural Gas Downhole for Artificial Lift

Design Of Environmental And HSE Compliance Ecosystems:

  • High-Value Flowback and Well Testing Solutions

  • Gas Capture/Wheeling and Sand Retrieval

  • Produced Water Filtration and Treatment

  • Data Capture and Remote Monitorg

  • Carbon Tax Credit

We take pride in our equipment being top-of-the-line and the most technologically advanced on the market. All of our products meet API standards.

  • Sand Commander Units

  • TGRR

  • Frac Stacks

  • Flow iron/Valves (2” & 3”)

  • Chokes/Manifolds (2” & 3”)

  • Sand Separators (3K – 15K)

  • Cyclonic Sand Separators (5.8K & 10K)

  • Plug Catchers (Hydraulic & Double Barrel)

  • Flow tanks (w/ and w/o gas busters)

  • Test Separators (250 – 1,440 PSI)

  • Half Pits, 80 BBL pits, 40 BBL pits

  • Flow Crosses (7 1/16″ 5K & 10K)

  • Flare & Incinerator Stacks

  • Green Complete Tanks

  • Pump Trucks (Kill Tractor, 600 hp, 1,000 hp, 1,850 hp equipment to the 2,500 HP pump)

Frac Watch/Screen Out Packages, Drill Out Packages, and Production/Flow Testing.

Flowback and Well Testing Expertise:

Find out how our skilled workforce can customize your solutions.


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